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Born & Raised @Real food festival, Southbank



IMG_4659 IMG_4654


I was strolling around the Real Food Festival, trying very hard not to have my second Frenchie duck burger in a week when I noticed what is the most amazing pizza oven I have ever seen.

Yes that is a hole in the side of a Land Rover with a wood burner inside! I had to try this from a distance. Then as I got close I saw these beetroot infused sourdough beautys being turned out!

I couldn’t resist giving this one a go, but for non beetroot fans don’t worry the other pizzas are a normal sourdough. The pizza you see pictured is topped with Onion marmalade, goats cheese, with drops of beetroot puree a drizzle of balsamic reduction and baby leaves. The texture of the dough was good, with a nice chew to the crust and the smokiness that comes from a pile of burning wood next to the pizza.

Having looked on their twitter since they have some amazing topping combos so definitely check these guys out, you cant miss that land Rover!



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