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Dip and Flip, Clapham Junction


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Dip and Flip, Just around the corner from the Northcote pub, is a serious burger joint, with some seriously good roast beef and lamb. Pictured is the Dip and Flip burger… A juicy beef patty with cheese and the addition on thinly sliced and gravy dipped roast beef. I love gravy so the side bowl of gravy to dip into is heaven for me.

This definitely takes the prize for messiest burger, especially if you dip! Its already super juicy so the brioche bun reaches saturation point pretty quickly.

The ‘poutine’ uses mozzarella not curds so any Canadian wouldn’t be hugely impressed, so its probably sensible to call this chips, cheese and gravy (seems more appropriate anyway).The chips go soggy in the gravy and the mozzarella lumps go gooey which makes for ‘classy’ version to my favourite end to a night in Manchester.

This place has definitely gone into my top 10 burgers in London and I can’t wait to see how they fair against Bleaker st. in the quarter finals for Burger Mondays, tickets are on sale here:



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