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TacoWars2, Hawker House


On Saturday the 29th of march was the second instalment of tweat up’s TacoWars. 8 of the best assembled  to serve myself and 499 other hungry judges there best taco in a bid to be crowned 2014’s taco kings. There was pork, beef, octopus and tuna offerings with all manners of creative adornments and maybe too many chillibacks judging from the hangover on Sunday morning.

I’m going to go through the 8 in the order I put them starting with my favourite (which wasn’t the victor, but it was in the top 3)

Kimchinary: Beer braised pork belly, pickled mustard seeds, Korean pear remoulade, oyster kimchi, gochujang and pig crunch on a smoked pork fat and sesame tortilla.IMG_4431IMG_4428  IMG_4424

Breddos Tacos (the victors): 50 day aged chipotle beef short ribs with bone marrow, beef dripping tortilla, cheese croqueta, Naga jolokia pipette smoked morello cherry jam and sweet pickled jalapeños.

IMG_4413 IMG_4416

Benito’s hat: Pork belly and apple tacos with homemade avocado leaf tortillas, shaved fennel, black beans, roasted pineapple, apple and habanero salsa, lime and a sprinkling of chicharron

.IMG_4411  IMG_4409

b.o.b.s lobster, Sashimi grade ahi tuna, wasabi guacamole, chipotle crema, Asian slaw and seasame sees in a crunchy taco

IMG_4439 IMG_4435

Rita’s: Pigs head, belly and trotter, burnt spring onion crema and blood orange pico.IMG_4403 IMG_4401

Santo Remedio: chargrilled octopus marinated in Pasilla de Oaxaca chillies with black beans, yerba santa and avocado leaf in a blue corn tortilla.

IMG_4404 IMG_4407

BBQ Lab, Hickory smoked peanut butter jellypork belly, popcorn pudding, candied chillies, pickleback jell, wild garlic flowers and coriander in a 100% pork loin tortilla.IMG_4423 IMG_4453

Luardos, grilled skirt steak, slasa roja, supersweet onions coriander and lime in a homemade tortilla




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