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Electric Dinner, Portobello road


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The Electric Dinner and Electric cinema is as the names suggest is a cinema with a dinner attached.  There is a good range of beers. As this is called a dinner the usual suspects are on the menu, mac n cheese, burgers, hotdog etc, but the rest of the menu was a surprise, with rissoles/terrines for starters and moules/steak frites for mains and some other more refined options.

To start we shared the Duck Confit terrine, as i said before not what i expected, but i love duck confit so i wasn’t going to complain, with crisp bread to smear it on.

For mains we went for the burger which for a single is two patties and a double three patties, obviously thinner than u would normally find.  This means lots more surface area for the Maillard reaction to works its magic. Toppings were generous, Thick cut crisp bacon and pretty much a whole avocado, while each patty gets its own slice of melty american cheese. The second dish was the shaved beef rib sandwich with monterey jack. This was served with a beef jus and blue cheese mayo. the bread dipped in the the sauces really made this a flavourful sandwich and the beef rib was amazingly tender. I really wouldn’t be able to choose between the two if i had to have one or the other. For sides we went for smashed potato with roast garlic gravy and sweet pickles, which i added to in large amounts to the beef rib sandwich. Mash and gravy is one of my guilty pleasures (never lived in the north either) and the roasted garlic wasn’t over powering.

Finally the bloody marry with a mountain of the sweet pickles garnishing it, good amounts of spice and the vinegar from the sweet pickles definitely only added.

Definitely somewhere ill be going back to, although only with someone who is happy to split dishes as i don’t want to have to choose between the burger and beef rib sandwich.

Lucky chip, Seabright arms



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Lucky chip is another one of the burger places that seems to be on everyones top 10 list so it would be rude not to try it out. I went to the Seabright arms to try it out, serving from 6pm with a traffic light which goes green when the kitchen is open (was it the greatest drunken steal of all time?) They are also at Netil market.

The Seabright is a pub i would go to without the burgers, the selection of beers on tap was massive and have a huge board of all their current offerings with the price and abv included. which is handy as they had 10%+ offerings.

I am not sure if the bun is steamed to get it warm or not, but from how soft this bun is i would be impressed if its not. A generous amount of shredded lettuce as well brings a refreshing crunch to each mouthful. I sampled the ‘kevin bacon’ and the ‘lucky burger’ with a cheesy chips side. The cheesy chips weren’t anything to write home about but the burgers were great. Medium patty with ozzy american cheese, the mentioned mound of shredded lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup and pickles. The Kevin bacon, as the name suggests it had applewood smoked bacon which was nice and crisp and a very tasty patty i was very happy gobbling my way though. The Lucky burger had Cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and lucky mayo. I preferred the lucky mayo to the ketchup and mustard and as with the Kevin bacon the bun was really soft and the lettuce plentiful.

I enjoyed these burgers and the Sambrooke’s pale ale that i washed it down with was delicious. Next time i will not be driving so i can take advantage of all the craft beers to sample!


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I went to the Byron on the Kings road a few years ago, and after being told i could have my beef anyway i wanted as long it was well done, i wrote it off as somewhere to avoid. Recently i have heard people raving about it and after seeing the triple cheesemas advertised i decided it was time to go back.

So, this beautiful monstrosity consists of ‘two 6oz hamburgers, onion and spicy Byron sauce in a glazed bun as well as the holy trinity of melted American cheese, Emmenthal and Monterey Jack’

I asked for my beef medium rare and it came just as i wanted, so my initial issues went out the window immediately. The beef was juicy and i think flavourful but it was hard to tell over the three cheeses and bacon. I can confirm the burger as a whole was delicious, as a cheese lover that is hardy surprising. The side options are also good, with coleslaw and mac and cheese a nice change to the usual fries, fries or fries.

With all reservations now expelled i am going to go back and have a normal cheese burger to see how that stands up to the other offerings around town.

MEAT mission, Hoxton market

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MEAT mission, sister venue of MEAT liquor, at Hoxton market is a short walk form Old Street. You can make reservations at this restaurant (joys) instead of standing outside for hours to get a table. You are in a side room if you reserve as the main room i believe is for the walk ins.

There is a massive selection of beers and cider, which come in 3 pint jugs or a strange measure between half and a whole pint.

We had the bingo wings, which come in hot pepper sauce which was a pleasant heat and blue cheese dip to cool it down as the burn developed the more wings i ate. Deep fried pickles, my favourite from my trip to MEAT liquor. A bacon cheese burger, medium patty and crisp bacon with american cheese, very juicy and messy in a soft bun. The highlight however was the Roast beef garbage plate, roast beef, fries, cheddar cheese and gravy garnished with onions, crispy onions and horseradish cream. This must be heaven for someone from the north while living in London. Generous mounts of succulent roast beef on top of cheesy chips all swimming in a rich gravy, and for £9 its huge.

While the wings are burger were both good, i will be going back for the garbage plate. This is for me the ultimate comfort food plate and i could probably eat it everyday, its just a shame that it takes me so long to get there.

Patty & Bun

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THE WINGS! Easily the best wings i have eaten, they probably over-shadow the burger, which is as good as i have had in London.  Patty & Bun is on James st (st Christopher’s place). Expect to queue though as i am yet to find a time where there hasn’t been a queue outside. Don’t be scared if it looks long, i haven’t had to wait more than 45 mins and the wings alone are worth that wait!

To make these perfect wings they are smoked and confit, then fried and covered in BBQ sauce, in nearly all other dishes i am not a advocate of BBQ sauce, spicy and vinegary is how i would order my wings, but i am a convert after having these.

The burger, The special was the mister miyagi, which was a beef patty, confit pork belly, smoked jalapeño, smoked cheddar and spiced ketchup on a brioche bun. Once again the brioche bun makes all the difference when it comes to getting the nest burgers possible. Perfect medium rare patty, super juicy making this a dangerous burger to eat unless you have your face firmly over the table. The pork belly was rich and melt in the mouth succulent, the smokiness of the cheddar and jalapeños appeared before a subtle hint of spice from the spiced ketchup and jalapeño. This all came together for a stunning burger experience, even better than than the Smokey Robinson burger i had during my previous visit. With a Beef patty, cheese, tomato, mounds of caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche. Once again medium rare and probably the juiciest patty i have comes across to date, this is as good as or better than the other burger places i have visited.

Definitely worth the wait and the trip. Just make sure you try those wings!

Hawker house round 2


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So, round two at Hawker House. Still haven’t made it to B.O.B’s lobster as the queue was massive. however the Spit and Roast along with the Slider Bar fro the Breddos tacos guys.

I had the classic with cheese and the blue cheese and jalapeño with bacon salt. These perfectly formed little burgers with Soft bread, juicy little patties and molten cheese. They are the perfect nibble where there are so many options. Although you have to resist the urge to eat four or five sliders, which i easily could have done.

Spit and Roast, was selling spit roast pork belly, memphis BBQ sauce and mull cheddar grits and Banhams rotisserie chicken, Boston baked beans with corn bread. I couldn’t decide so got both. The pork belly wasn’t tough and fatty which is essential when you only have a wooden fork and the grits were creamy with a rich cheddar flavour.

The chicken, was juicy and succulent. The Boston Beans soaked into the crumbly corn bread, which i love, with a really good flavour and brought a but of sweetness to the dish. Im not a massive fan of beans but these i will happy make an exemption for.

Again another great night, and when i go back for round three i will be getting some lobster.

Honest Burgers

IMG_1636 IMG_1630 IMG_1629

Another of the celebrated burger places in London, Honest Burgers now has four restaurants, we went to the soho venue.

The beef is from the Ginger Pig and is great quality meat, the patties came medium rare and were full of flavour, and the soft brioche buns which make all the difference in a burger were perfect.

The Honest (cheese and bacon) with onion relish was as good a burger as I’ve had before, i not a little small. The hand cut rosemary salt fries were nice and crisp and you can taste the rosemary.

The special was beef, bacon, deep fried camembert and cranberry sauce. The cheese oozing out of the crust and extra sweetness from the cranberry was very tasty.

With a burger and chips coming in at under £10 you really can’t go wrong here!

The Frenchie

IMG_1269      IMG_1267

The Frenchie, is a street food van i went to today at the Real Food Festival in south bank. They are definitely up there in the most luxurious ingredients stake. A brioche bun with red onion chutney, confit duck, crispy duck skin a choice of blue or goats cheese with truffle honey and a sprinkling of greenery. the confit duck, cheese and truffle honey is all combined on the flat top until its an oozing mixture.

This is real street decadence! the soft bun absorbes the fat from the duck when its being warmed up, and the truffle honey and melted cheese all soak in as well.

This is a winning combination, although should be a rare treat unless a heart attack is high up on your wish list!

Le Réfectoire, Street food van


At Dalston Yard a couple of weeks ago  i went to Tweat up’s ‘street food europe’ a collection of street food trucks from all round Europe. This little slider from the French van Le Réfectoire  was by a long way the best thing i had.

Inside the artisanal bread, was a little beef patty, compte, bacon, ketchup and fresh parsley. It was so rich and gooey, with the bread saturated with the juice from the meat, and intense bacon flavour from the thick cut pork.

They are normally found around paris and i will be making a bee-line for these guys the next time i step off the Eurostar to get this burger full size!

Street Kitchen burger at Doodle bar

IMG_0889This window in the wall in car park come toilets come entrance to the Doodle bar in Battersea provides great burgers on friday and saturday night.  I had the ‘Buffalo Bill Burger’. Amazing brioche bun with medium rare patty, Cheddar, pickled onions, baby gem with mustard and  ketchup, i added some bacon into it. With a side of their rosemary fries.

wonderfully juicy bordering on messy burger that went down a treat after a couple of meantime pale ales. The pickled onions really bring a nice sharpness to cut though the meatiness of the patty.

The Street Kitchen Hatch isn’t a place you would just pop into if you don’t live close as it is in a train black hole, its a bus or taxi ride. If you are in the area it is definitely worth giving it ago, and its also definately worth a drive if you are sober enough on a friday or Saturday night.

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