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Hawker house round 2


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So, round two at Hawker House. Still haven’t made it to B.O.B’s lobster as the queue was massive. however the Spit and Roast along with the Slider Bar fro the Breddos tacos guys.

I had the classic with cheese and the blue cheese and jalapeño with bacon salt. These perfectly formed little burgers with Soft bread, juicy little patties and molten cheese. They are the perfect nibble where there are so many options. Although you have to resist the urge to eat four or five sliders, which i easily could have done.

Spit and Roast, was selling spit roast pork belly, memphis BBQ sauce and mull cheddar grits and Banhams rotisserie chicken, Boston baked beans with corn bread. I couldn’t decide so got both. The pork belly wasn’t tough and fatty which is essential when you only have a wooden fork and the grits were creamy with a rich cheddar flavour.

The chicken, was juicy and succulent. The Boston Beans soaked into the crumbly corn bread, which i love, with a really good flavour and brought a but of sweetness to the dish. Im not a massive fan of beans but these i will happy make an exemption for.

Again another great night, and when i go back for round three i will be getting some lobster.

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