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Born & Raised @Real food festival, Southbank



IMG_4659 IMG_4654


I was strolling around the Real Food Festival, trying very hard not to have my second Frenchie duck burger in a week when I noticed what is the most amazing pizza oven I have ever seen.

Yes that is a hole in the side of a Land Rover with a wood burner inside! I had to try this from a distance. Then as I got close I saw these beetroot infused sourdough beautys being turned out!

I couldn’t resist giving this one a go, but for non beetroot fans don’t worry the other pizzas are a normal sourdough. The pizza you see pictured is topped with Onion marmalade, goats cheese, with drops of beetroot puree a drizzle of balsamic reduction and baby leaves. The texture of the dough was good, with a nice chew to the crust and the smokiness that comes from a pile of burning wood next to the pizza.

Having looked on their twitter since they have some amazing topping combos so definitely check these guys out, you cant miss that land Rover!



Santa Maria, South Ealing


IMG_3871  IMG_3870



I have lived in Ealing all my life except for four years in Bristol. So when I found this gem a few years ago (thanks to time out declaring it the best pizza in London) i was very happy. This was my first taste of ‘proper’ pizza, a base so thin it can’t support the toppings and a slightly chewy and light crust. With the smokey flavour of charred bits from the wood fire oven being so hot. There is of course lots of places to get pizza of this quality in London these days but Santa Maria is still my favourite.

The restaurant is tiny so expect to queue in the evenings. The oven probably takes up a 6th of the front. The pizzas are in the oven for literally a minute, and the quality of toppings is amazing. Unlike say Rossopomadoro where the tomato sauce is very generously applied, there is restraint here, which means the cheese to tomato ratio is more to my liking. The Neapolitan sausage is chunky and friarelli which I first experienced here is now a go to topping for me these days.

I can’t encourage anyone enough to try this place and if you live within a 15 minute drive then get a take away.

Peel & Chimney, Harringay market

IMG_2972 IMG_2977

IMG_2978 IMG_2981

Peel and Chimney make Neapolitan style pizza anywhere with their oven on wheels. I prefer my pizza more cheesy which i know isn’t authentic. On a cold sunday morning this was very welcome (the box kept my hands so warm).

The crust had the slightly chewing texture that i love and the tomato sauce rich and fresh. A good pizza, especially as its a market stall, i can’t think of lots of restaurants that could compete. Next time i will make sure i am not with a margherita lover as the beetroot and feta looked amazing!

Mulberry Street, Notting hill



        IMG_1505 IMG_1508

Mulberry street, located on Moscow road in Notting hill sells New York style pizza and in massive sizes, I got the 20″ pepperoni, which gives you monstrous slices which hardly fit on a normal size plate.

The pizza is thin with generous amounts of cheese and a great crust, which has a slightly chewy texture and a bit of crunch.  The pepperoni has great flavour woith a hint of spice and is thicker than you would get any many other places, which i liked.

The 20″ pizza is great for sharing and is without doubt impressive and brought out the inner Adam Richmond in me, although i will not be attempting to finish one of these solo anytime soon!

Rossopomodoro, Fulham



Rossopomodoro now has six locations across London. They import everything from Naples, using San Marzano tomatoes for the pizza sauce and buffalo mozzarella, they even import water from Naples to make the pizza dough, whether this is a gimmick or not the pizza is amazing. The pizza is as expected cooking in a wood fired pizza oven and cooks in around a minute due to the heat that is achieved in a pizza oven and the thinness of the dough.

To start we shared a brushetta that tasted very fresh, with the crunch of the bread that had been in the pizza oven and the tomatoes that were in really good olive oil and a hint of garlic, which set us nicely for the main event.

This pizza is definitely one for the tomato lover, with generous amounts of the San Marzano sauce and a scattering of fresh mozzarella. the base is super thin, to the point where you can’t pick up a slice as the dough can’t support the weigh of the toppings. The crust is puffy and with the great chewy texture that is found with a good Naples style pizza. I had a Napoletana, which came with the expect toppings of Tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, garlic and oregano. I added friarielli and spicy salami to mine, friarielli (Neapolitan broccoli) being one of my favourite things to have on a pizza. The second pizza was a Verace which has Tomato sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil from Sorrento and fresh basil, Also with added spicy salami.

Both pizzas were highly enjoyable, but the toppings (which are as good as you will find at any pizza place) here are almost a sideline to the amazing pizza base that is totally moreish and doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish as so many pizzas can!

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