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Electric Dinner, Portobello road


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The Electric Dinner and Electric cinema is as the names suggest is a cinema with a dinner attached.  There is a good range of beers. As this is called a dinner the usual suspects are on the menu, mac n cheese, burgers, hotdog etc, but the rest of the menu was a surprise, with rissoles/terrines for starters and moules/steak frites for mains and some other more refined options.

To start we shared the Duck Confit terrine, as i said before not what i expected, but i love duck confit so i wasn’t going to complain, with crisp bread to smear it on.

For mains we went for the burger which for a single is two patties and a double three patties, obviously thinner than u would normally find.  This means lots more surface area for the Maillard reaction to works its magic. Toppings were generous, Thick cut crisp bacon and pretty much a whole avocado, while each patty gets its own slice of melty american cheese. The second dish was the shaved beef rib sandwich with monterey jack. This was served with a beef jus and blue cheese mayo. the bread dipped in the the sauces really made this a flavourful sandwich and the beef rib was amazingly tender. I really wouldn’t be able to choose between the two if i had to have one or the other. For sides we went for smashed potato with roast garlic gravy and sweet pickles, which i added to in large amounts to the beef rib sandwich. Mash and gravy is one of my guilty pleasures (never lived in the north either) and the roasted garlic wasn’t over powering.

Finally the bloody marry with a mountain of the sweet pickles garnishing it, good amounts of spice and the vinegar from the sweet pickles definitely only added.

Definitely somewhere ill be going back to, although only with someone who is happy to split dishes as i don’t want to have to choose between the burger and beef rib sandwich.

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