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Eating, drinking, seeing and cooking in london

Street Kitchen burger at Doodle bar

IMG_0889This window in the wall in car park come toilets come entrance to the Doodle bar in Battersea provides great burgers on friday and saturday night.  I had the ‘Buffalo Bill Burger’. Amazing brioche bun with medium rare patty, Cheddar, pickled onions, baby gem with mustard and  ketchup, i added some bacon into it. With a side of their rosemary fries.

wonderfully juicy bordering on messy burger that went down a treat after a couple of meantime pale ales. The pickled onions really bring a nice sharpness to cut though the meatiness of the patty.

The Street Kitchen Hatch isn’t a place you would just pop into if you don’t live close as it is in a train black hole, its a bus or taxi ride. If you are in the area it is definitely worth giving it ago, and its also definately worth a drive if you are sober enough on a friday or Saturday night.

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