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I went to the Byron on the Kings road a few years ago, and after being told i could have my beef anyway i wanted as long it was well done, i wrote it off as somewhere to avoid. Recently i have heard people raving about it and after seeing the triple cheesemas advertised i decided it was time to go back.

So, this beautiful monstrosity consists of ‘two 6oz hamburgers, onion and spicy Byron sauce in a glazed bun as well as the holy trinity of melted American cheese, Emmenthal and Monterey Jack’

I asked for my beef medium rare and it came just as i wanted, so my initial issues went out the window immediately. The beef was juicy and i think flavourful but it was hard to tell over the three cheeses and bacon. I can confirm the burger as a whole was delicious, as a cheese lover that is hardy surprising. The side options are also good, with coleslaw and mac and cheese a nice change to the usual fries, fries or fries.

With all reservations now expelled i am going to go back and have a normal cheese burger to see how that stands up to the other offerings around town.

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  1. stop it. i want.

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