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MEAT mission, Hoxton market

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MEAT mission, sister venue of MEAT liquor, at Hoxton market is a short walk form Old Street. You can make reservations at this restaurant (joys) instead of standing outside for hours to get a table. You are in a side room if you reserve as the main room i believe is for the walk ins.

There is a massive selection of beers and cider, which come in 3 pint jugs or a strange measure between half and a whole pint.

We had the bingo wings, which come in hot pepper sauce which was a pleasant heat and blue cheese dip to cool it down as the burn developed the more wings i ate. Deep fried pickles, my favourite from my trip to MEAT liquor. A bacon cheese burger, medium patty and crisp bacon with american cheese, very juicy and messy in a soft bun. The highlight however was the Roast beef garbage plate, roast beef, fries, cheddar cheese and gravy garnished with onions, crispy onions and horseradish cream. This must be heaven for someone from the north while living in London. Generous mounts of succulent roast beef on top of cheesy chips all swimming in a rich gravy, and for £9 its huge.

While the wings are burger were both good, i will be going back for the garbage plate. This is for me the ultimate comfort food plate and i could probably eat it everyday, its just a shame that it takes me so long to get there.

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