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Hawker House


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Hawker House is Street Feast’s latest offering to London’s foodies. Its a Night food market with dj’s, bars and most importantly for something running for six weeks through November and into december it is inside! Street Feast have taken their inspiration from the Hawker centres in Singapore in the creation of this street food market, and have created a great night out, especially as its open till 2am.

Firstly the drink options, there is a hot bar where you can warm up with some hot cocktails, Street vin, which has options by the glass or the bottle and weekly magnum offerings if you really want to splash out. For the whisky lovers there is a whisky bar with over 50 different bottles to sample.

The food. Unfortunately by the time i arrived, about half nine, B.O.B’s lobster and the slider bar had run out, while Spit & Roast were out of their sit roast pork belly. No matter there was still lots to gorge on.

Rola Wala was the first stop, Essentially a 5″ naan in the style of a taco. the pulled pork with cumin, coriander,mustard seeds and curry leaves had me at pulled pork, and i was not disappointed! puffy naan with juicy pork and freshness from all the condiments and pickles that went on.

The Smokestak was next, who have a competition grade looking smoker parked outside the venue making everything around smell like smoking meat. I had the hot rib tips as the beef short rib had already been devoured by everyone who had turned up earlier. The tips were not disappointing tho, more fatty than an ordinary rib, but amazingly juicy and the BBQ sauce was so moreish, while there is no doubt these are smoked.

Yum Bun, having only discovered hirata buns a month or so ago at flesh and bun i was super exited for round two. With pork belly, cucumber, spring onion and hoisin sauce in one bun and roast duck with tamarind in the other i couldn’t see how anything could possibly go wrong, and it didn’t. Easily as good as my first experience of these little buns full of perfectly cooked meat, this could become an obsession.

Morito, Starting to feel a little sluggish by this point i resisted the lamb and went for beetroot borani with feta and walnuts with a freshly cooked flat bread. This was so refreshing and the lumps of feta with smooth beetroot and the crunch of walnuts really worked so well.

Baba G’s, a generous bowl of biriani, where none of the rice sticks to its friends after being cooked (i swear witchcraft is involved in this) and has a subtle spice and with the Royal Raj Rump as the topping there were little lumps of juicy lamb to add some great flavour. On the top of all of this was a little mount of fresh herbs and pickles, the lime pickle adding a real burst of heat every now and then that really keeps your taste buds interested in whats coming next.

By this point i was bursting at the seams. luckily as Sorbitium were there i could make use of the pudding stomach, and have a scoop of dark chocolate and tequila ice cream, and a bite of a white chocolate choc ice.

I am intending to go back a couple of times over the next couple of weeks to try the rest of the food on offer here. Next time i will be the first one in the queue to make sure i get some Breddos tacos sliders and a lobster roll!

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