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Below Zero ice bar



The Ice bar is on Heddon St, off Regents St. Heddon street is a pedestrianised road lined on both sides with bars and restaurants and good outdoor seating which is great for summer.

Firstly you are only allowed in the ice section of this bar for 40 minutes, which is enough! Even with the capes and gloves unsurprisingly it gets chilly. It cost £14 to enter, with a drink on weekdays and £16 on thursday and friday evening and weekends.

The drinks are small but do come in a glass made from ice which is fun, and slippery so hold on to it tight. There is a good choice of cocktails covering the major spirit bases which are made really fast so there is not a long wait to get a drink.

The bar is of course a bit of a gimmick but it is fun and worth a visit. As its such a conversation starter and only lasts 40 minutes this could be the best place for a first date drink, as you can always escape before dinner is suggested.

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