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The Truscott arms



I went to the Truscott arms near Warwick avenue station for sunday lunch and had one of the best roasts I’ve had.

Firstly the presentation was great, the board was for two people, so this is a generously proportioned meal, and for £16 taking into consideration size and quality i had nothing to complain about.

I really enjoy when a roast comes out as a serve yourself affair. You can leave off any bits that you aren’t so keen on and in this case go back for seconds.  The beef was perfectly medium rare as we ask for and they vegetables still had some bite to them and good flavour, with crisp roast potatoes. The gravy was rich and flavourful with a good constancy (watery gravy is a thing of nightmares). The only thing i could have wanted for was a larger yorkshire pudding, but that is just gluttony.

Along with the Jam tree and Roast, this is a new go to place for me on sundays, and with a laid back attitude its also an enjoyable place to spend your sunday afternoon without lingering waiting staff trying to get rid of you to free up the table for another party to come in.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a top quality roast in west London, which is surprisingly hard to find.

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