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Sous Vide Supreme


The Sous Vide supreme is a domestic version of the water bath cooking techniques that Heston champions and Great British Menu chefs are using in seeming every dish they carefully and precisely create.

I am in love with my Sous Vide and use it so much more than i expected to when i impulsively sent £250 to someone on the internet after thinking i must have one of these. Which happens probably too often when it comes to any kitchen gadgets i come across, use it twice and forget all about it.

The basic principle of the Sous Vide is you cook whatever you have vacuum packed at the exact temperature that you want the internal temperature to be. This means it is impossible to over cook something, your steak can be in for one hour or 10 hours if the temperature is 54.4 degrees it will come out medium rare. The other benefit is that once you have cooked something, as long as it is cooled and frozen in the sealed bag will be good for six months in the freezer.

This isn’t a quick way to cook, but the results are incredible. The longer something is in the more the proteins will break down however so please don’t put a fillet steak in for 10 hours!

 I will add some of my go to recipes that I keep going back in the future.

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