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The Jam Tree, Chelsea


The Jam Tree on the New kings road was the venue for a hung over roast a couple of weeks ago. The picture above has got me into the final four for the best Instagram picture, to win a £500 bar tab, so fingers crossed!

It was a great choice of the bat as they have an entire page devoted to the various Bloody Marys that are available, from the classic to asian inspired wasabi spiced one, to one with a shot of their beef stock in. The classic was a great Bloody Mary with a good amount of spice and well seasoned.

On to the main event, roast beef which came medium rare as i ordered, i am amazed how many places ask how you would like the beef and then completely ignore that and send it out how they please. The vegetables were cooked perfectly with a good bite to them and the pigs in blanket were a nice addition to the dish. The roast comes with a proper beef jus which is generously applied by the kitchen, which negates my biggest gripe with a roast of a measly dribble of gravy artistically applied around the food. The roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings were also very good.

The main issue i had with the Jam Tree was when it came to dessert, as i don’t have a very sweet tooth if there is cheese on offer thats what i want. The horrors, there was not a single Port on offer to have with said cheese! I couldn’t bring myself to order cheese without Port so just had some more wine.

All in all The Jam Tree is a great place to get a roast and there is no need to book 2 months in advance as with so many places that serve a good roast in London.

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